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The Tour consists of eight Tournaments played at Dentonia, Humber Valley, Scarlett Woods and Tam O'Shanter with a FUN DAY at Don Valley Golf Course.

We recognize the achievements of Tour Members throughout the season. There are great opportunities to win prizes throughout the season.

Tour Members earn points throughout the tour

At each Tournament:

The overall winner will be based on points, similar to the FedEx cup format.


Winners earn 1000 points.

Second-place finishers earn 800 points.

Third-place finishers earn 600 points.

All other participants earn 300 points

final Standings




Juvenile Girls (14-16) 

Alessandra Nagayo 5800

Vidya Ramnarine 4600

Margaret Petrova 600



Bantam Girls (11-13) 

Amy Goddard 3000














suPEr Junior Girls (7-10) 






juvenile boys (14-16) 

Andre Zhang 4400

Marcus Tikkanen 3100

Kalan Morris-Poolman 3000

Luca Buhlmann 2500

Peter Nicholson 2400

Johnny Lin 2100

Gregory Cleave 2000

Andrew Lin 2000

Nathan Nusca 1000

Bantam Boys (11-13) 

Jack Groves 5300

Ethan Cheung 4700

Daniel Nagayo 4600

Sebastien Reyes 3300

Gavin Sidhu 2400

Tru Davidson 2300

Joseph Black 2100

Julien De Abreau 1800

Kelvin Xu 1500

Griffin Bobee 1200

Aidan Boyd 1200

Erik Do 1200

Theo Guida 1200

Victor Tirca 1200

Oliver Wu 1100

Sasha Cooke 900

Alexander Zhang 900

Jack Anderson 600

Gabriel Leung 600

Brien O’Hara 600

Evan Wee 600

Jacob Belair 300

David Qiao 300

Jason Yee 300

Super Junior Boys (7-10) 

Dhin Thanasuwanditee 6700

Waseem Badran 4600

Jazper Zajac 3900

Danny Zhang 2700

Julian Luciani 2400

Lucas Ragazzon 2100

Louis Nguyen 1800

Jared Belair 1400

Meekie Silverstein 1200

Timothy Godley 900

David Kanovich 900

Aiden Wahbi 900

Keagan Scholz 600

Divisions(Age as of july 1, 2019)

Junior Division: Ages 17-18 play 18 holes from the Blue Tees. 
Juvenile Division: Ages 14-16 play 18 holes from the White Tees.

Bantam Division: Ages 11-13 play 18 holes from the Red Tees. 

Super Junior Boys & Girls Division: Ages 7-10 play 9 holes from the Super Junior Tees. 


TJGT follows the RCGA Rules of Golf. Tee times will be posted on the website and e-mailed to each participant 5 days prior to each event.

Dress Code:  No Jeans, T-Shirts, or Sandals. Boys must tuck in their shirts.

Starting Time:  Players late for their Tee-Time will be receive a 2-stroke penalty. Players that miss their starting time will be disqualified.

Order of Play: The Tournament Coordinator will decide the order of play for the first shot, which will take place on the 1st tee.  Then on the player’s second shot, the player furthest away from the flag will hit next. (The person furthest away from the flag always plays first.) On the second hole the player with the lowest score on the last hole will tee off first, then the second best score will tee off next, etc. 

Pace of Play: Players must show respect for other competitors in their group and need to keep up with the pace of play. Always be ready to play when it’s your turn, as well please restrict your practice swings to a minimum.

Course Etiquette: Please show respect for all players; always introduce yourself to your playing partners. Please show respect for the golf course and repair all divots, ball marks, and always rake bunkers. Please keep pull-carts and golf bags off of the greens and tee’s.

Caddy: Only golfers aged 7-10 may have a caddy out on the golf course with them. The caddy is only there to carry the bag and help insure safety of the participants as well as give a friendly hand with the rules when needed. (Under no circumstances can the caddy be giving advice to any of the players while on the golf course. If the caddy breaks this rule the player will loose their caddy privileges.)

Shot Maximum: In order to speed up play the maximum a competitor can score on any hole is DOUBLE PAR.  (Par 3 = Maximum score of 6) Players must pick up their balls after they reach the shot maximum.

Lost Ball, Ball Out-of-Bounds or Ball in Water Hazard: In order to speed up play all lost balls, balls that go out of bounds, or balls that are hit in the water are considered to be lateral hazards. This requires you to drop another ball at the last known place of entry, not closer to the hole. The player must take a ONE-STROKE PENALTY as a result.  

Ball on Roadway/Pathway: The ball may be lifted and dropped not closer to the hole. (NO PENALTY)

Ball Near Fences or Benches: The ball may be dropped 2 club-lengths from the obstruction. (NO PENALTY) 
Practice Putting is Prohibited: Practice on or near the putting green of the hole last played, and rolling a ball on the putting green of the last hole of play is prohibited. Penalty for breach is two strokes.

Suspension of Play Due To A Dangerous Situation: During suspension of play, once the siren has sounded any participant who plays a shot will be disqualified. All practice areas are closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Players who practice on closed practice areas will be disqualified.

The Toronto Junior Golf Tour Committee makes all decisions regarding breach of rules, and all decisions are final.